VC Money is Not the End-All, Be-All of Building a Company

VC Money is Not the End-All, Be-All of Building a Company

One of the podcasts I listen to regularly is (iTunes here).

Their most recent episode was on Atlassian’s IPO. (note Acquired covered the Zillow-Trulia deal last year). The company is valued at over $12 billion.

Let that set in. A public company with a valuation of $12 billion, printing cash.

Without raising any VC money.

Atlassian’s two most well known products are Jira and Confluence. I’ll wager a guess there’s virtually zero product managers or developers with more than 5 years experience who haven’t used their products.

Meanwhile, SNAP is valued at $15 billion and lost $443 M — in quarter 3 alone. They raised over a BILLION dollars in funding leading up to their IPO (crunchbase).

It’s clear which of those scenarios I’d choose.

I had zero idea Atlassian was bootstrapped all the way to IPO.

More entrepreneurs need to hear stories like Atlassian’s so it becomes common knowledge VC money is NOT the only way to build a massive business.

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