Seattle Startup Week – Real Estate Tech Sessions

Seattle Startup Week – Real Estate Tech Sessions

For the Seattleites reading: Seattle Startup Week is next week (October 2-6).

There’s a few real estate tech sessions on the schedule:

AI in Real Estate ( on Monday at 9 am: Panel with Devyn Cairns (CTO of CityBldr), Sam DeBord ( & a regular here at Geek Estate), and Bridget Frey (Redfin CTO). Moderated by Gabriel Jones.

The Future of Home Buying ( on Tuesday at 1:30: Panel with Tushar Garg (co-founder of FlyHomes), Andrey Nokhrin (founder Flipt), and Yifan Zhang (co-founder of Lithium. Moderated by Jay Weeldreyer.

Equality & Diversity in Real Estate ( on Wednesday at 10:30: Panel with Jaebadiah Gardner (Gardner Global CEO) & Kassandra Rose (Rent by Way founder). Moderated by Jessica Loche`-Eggert.

Values-Based Leadership: A Fireside Chat with Glenn Kelman, CEO of Redfin on Wednesday at 12 ( Moderated by Jenny Zenner.

Commercial Real Estate Tech ( on Thursday at 1:30: Panel with Dan Greenshields (JetClosing CEO), Bryan Copley (CityBldr CEO), and Russ Johnson (NavigatorSRVS CEO).

AR/VR in Real Estate ( on Friday at 2: Panel with Jeff Rayner (MyPad3D and MXTReality co-founder) & Greg Howes (IDEAbuilder CEO). Moderated by Bryan Copley (CityBldr CEO).

Attending any of these? Drop me a line (drew at geekestatelabs dot com).

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