Amazon Key is a Big Deal

Amazon Key is a Big Deal

Let’s be clear. Amazon Key is a big, big deal — for many reasons.

It hit Product Hunt today, and the comments touched on a couple major points worth noting.

It’s a brilliant — yet extremely obvious –move given their massive Alexa/Echo investment into the smart home opportunity.

$250+ is an expensive home upgrade/purchase for many.

Amazon already taxes deliveries. Now, they are going to take a tax on groceries, dog walking, deliveries, etc — as well as making money on selling home owners the actual lock to allow them to take that tax. Crazy (props to them for making money every step of the way).

On the residential sales side of real estate — Amazon Key would enable showings/tours without an agent present (something Opendoor is already doing).

I don’t know about you, but even though it seems a bit intrusive & I worry about the long term implications of digital locks on every home in the world — I still want one for convenience. (I live in an condo complex, so there’s no use for one right now).

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