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Since 1977 H.S.C. Management has earned its reputation for excellence and integrity in Real Estate Management. Property owners excel as H.S.C.’s Residents by capitalizing on its superior management service. Communications, financial reporting, human resources and customer service, combined with a team of professional industry leaders, make for continued Client Success and Satisfaction.


Collections, including rents and arrears

Master Insurance Policy

Participating Clients benefit from economies of scale and additional coverage, not available to individual properties

Amazing Managers

Managing arrears, contacts with residents through collection or legal advice.


Including vendor invoices, utilities, license and regulatory fees, taxes, mortgage, salaries and repairs.

Monthly Reporting

Including preparation of monthly financial reports, records of receipts and payments, collections detail, cash payments, unpaid vendor and legal obligations, actual-to-budget comparisons, tenant notices.

Supervision of employees

Payroll disbursements of employee wages and deductions, sick days, holidays and vacation time, union contract negotiations.

Building operations

Including upkeep of common areas, competitive bids as required for repairs and improvements, purchase of supplies, arranging contracts for elevators, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, fuel, water, gas and exterminator.

Monthly Meetings

Preparation and distribution of annual budgets, informational mailings, lease review, policies, sales transactions, financial statements, tax records and bank accounts.

Receiverships and Attorney general Offering plan filing of budget certifications

Licensed, bonded, and a fiduciary in the supreme court. Appointed in both Federal and State courts.

Get Support ANYTIME!

24-Hour Emergency Answering Service.

Call us at 914-237-1600/ 718-543-2800

Commercial Brokerage and Lease Negotiation

Residential Brokerage

Property Purchase & Sales

Investment Consulting

Site Survey & Analysis

Profit/Loss Analysis

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New Developments, Due Diligence Services

Vendor analyses, budget preparation and Attorney General Certifications of Expert; On-site validation of contractors, time and materials planning and efficiencies

Celebrating 40 years in Business!